Dear visitors: This is just a blog.

And I’m just a guy writing a blog on subjects that I find interesting.

If I’m adding this “disclaimer” page, it’s because I write, with a certain frequency, on life sciences, and in particular medical sciences.

Although I have a certain level of knowledge in life sciences, I am in no way, shape or form a qualified medical or scientific professional.

Nor am I a qualified professional for the other subjects that I write about on this blog.

I would be considered a “qualified professional” in one subject only, my work, and I do not write about that here.

So, feel free to link to Wandering electrons, but not as an “authoritative source of information”, because it’s not.

I’ll do my best on my blog to point you to the original source of information for my blog posts and I may also point you to other sources that may be considered authoritative; that’s to say that they seem authoritative to me, but please reread the previous 7 paragraphs. Also, keep in mind that even the original source of information may not be authoritative.

In other words, think of this blog as, “the guy next door who said,” and nothing more. I hope to be a relatively interesting neighbor, who maybe makes you say, “hey, that’s interesting” on a number of subjects, but please don’t confuse that with “qualification”, “expertise” or any other official aptitude.

Oh, and by the way, 99.99% of the blogs in this world are exactly like this one: a guy, a girl or maybe several guys or girls talking about things that are interesting to him, her or them, and nothing more.

Be discerning my friends.

OK, got it?

Enjoy Wandering electrons… but not too far

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