Like free electrons, but with less direction.

Wandering electrons tend to accumulate in Lyon, France, where they enjoy working in linguistics. Despite being in France’s second largest city (but don’t say that to a “Marseillais”), Wandering electrons are actually American, so don’t be too surprised by their excellent (well, at least generally acceptable) English-language skills. However they do sometimes like to exchange energy in French as well; vous êtes prévenu !

Wandering electrons get excited by quite a wide variety of subjects; if they had completed their University studies in the States, they would have surely majored in Liberal Arts and would currently be working in a coffee shop somewhere. Life sciences, and sciences in general, count among their predilections, but so do politics, culture, the human experience, and, well, just about anything can send them into a higher energy shell.

Wandering electrons are particularly fond of what the Web has brought to our modern day world, and zipping about on the web, exploring its nooks and crannies, is extremely important to them. They hope, in their humble way, to participate in this amazing source of information, ideas and entertainment.

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