Opera pre-alpha 10.5 raises the bar

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In case you haven’t yet heard, Opera has released a pre-alpha of the upcoming version 10.5 of their desktop browser.

This version will have the new Carakan ECMAScript/JavaScript engine and a new graphics library called Vega, among other nifty additions, such as private browsing.

And as new versions of Opera often do, it’s going to raise the bar on what is considered to be good performance.

Here are a few recent articles:

At Opera Labs: “Opera 10.5 pre-alpha for Labs

At the Opera Developer Network: “Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha build released. Here is what’s new…

At Opera Core Concerns: “Carakan Revisited” (precisions on the Carakan engine)

At BetaNews: “The once and future king: Test build of Opera crushes Chrome on Windows 7

At Lifehacker: Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha is All About Speed (and Private Browsing)

At OSNews: “Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha — Now That’s More Like It!

And of course a Google/Yahoo!/Bing/Ask/etc. search will find even more info.

Important reminder: We’re talkin’ PRE-ALPHA here. Downloading it at this point is not for the weak of heart and could even cause problems in your computer. If you nevertheless want to give it a spin, there’s a link in the Opera Labs post.

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