The Peregrine has landed! Opera 10 released

Version 10 of the Opera web browser was released today. Here are a few links to introduce you to the latest and greatest web-surfing innovation out of Norway.

First the video:

This video of course just scratches the surface of what Opera can do. There are a few new features that were not mentioned in the video. Notably Opera now has a built-in spell-checker, automatic updating and a re-sizable search box, three features that had been widely requested in the Opera forums. You can read about these features and others, including the 40% increase in surfing speed, on this link:

Turbocharge your Web experience with Opera 10

Or for the complete list of what’s new in version 10, even the super-techy things like its perfect acid3 results, check out the change log:

Opera 10 for Windows changelog

Remember, Opera for the desktop is totally free and totally add-free, and has been for years.

If you haven’t already discovered “the other alternative browser”, be sure to download it today to see what you’ve been missing!

Opera Browser main download page (gives an overview of features as well)

Opera browser for operating systems other than Windows (Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and still more (some of these may still be in beta))

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