Presidential newspaper endorsements

As we close in on the big day, November 4th, 2008, it might be interesting and enlightening to know which newspapers are endorsing which candidates.

The DemConWatch blog is tracking presidential endorsements from newspapers across America, and, when possible, linking to the concerned article.

As I’m writing this, the Obama/Biden ticket has received 181 endorsements and the McCain/Palin ticket 57.

For any still undecided voters, it’s an excellent take off point to get last-minute opinions, from the New York Times to the Ouray Plain Dealer, by way of the Anchorage Daily News, who, by the way, are all endorsing the Obama/Biden ticket (yep, even the Anchorage Daily News).

Wandering electrons congratulates the DemConWatch blog for this excellent initiative!

Presidential Newspaper Endorsement List at the DemConWatch blog.

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