Opera tips and tricks: double, triple and quadruple clicking

As I’m sure all you Opera technophiles know already, David Pogue has a blog at the New York Times called Pogue’s Post. Today he put up a post entitled, “Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User“. You’ll probably know already most of the things that David talks about in the post, but it’s a good read anyway, and you never know what little nugget of information you may discover.

For example, I was skimming through the comments and I stumbled on one from “dg” who points out that triple clicking and quadruple clicking might be interesting to try, in addition to double-clicking.

In Opera “out of the box”, this has a really handy effect:

A double-click selects the word:

Double-click in Opera

Double-click in Opera

A triple click selects the sentence:

Triple-click in Opera

Triple-click in Opera

And a quadruple-click selects the paragraph:

Quadruple-click in Opera

Quadruple-click in Opera

When I test this in IE7, Firefox, and Safari, they behave as Microsoft Word does: double-click selects the word and triple-click selects the paragraph; no apparent ‘click-able’ way to select a sentence. Is there something that has to be checked or unchecked in these other browsers to achieve this very logical functionality or is Opera the only browser developer that’s thinking clearly? Do leave a comment if you know how to make this happen in other browsers (Not that we Opera users really care but hey, it’s always good to know).

What’s too bad is that indeed this extremely logical click-to-select sequence doesn’t exist in Word. As I just said, there you double-click to select a word, but triple-clicking jumps directly to the entire paragraph (like in IE7, Fx and Safari). To select a sentence in Word, you Ctrl+single-click.

One might argue that the other browsers are behaving like Word, but this does not seem to be the case. Indeed Ctrl+single-click does nothing in Fx and Safari and in IE7 it selects the entire paragraph.


So there you have it folks; yet another reason to use Opera: logical click-to-select sequences.


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