Blogging American Unreason: Interlude

As I’ve already mentioned a few times, my work has really exploded recently and consequently my blogging activity has, well, imploded.

In particular, this is going to affect the relatively big project that I gave myself to do a chapter-by-chapter review of, The Age of American Unreason, by Susan Jacoby. I’m afraid the “chapter-by-chapter part is going to have to be altered to a global review of the rest of the book as soon as I’ve finished reading it. Sorry about that, but I see no significant slowdown coming in my work (and am certainly not hoping for one!), and sticking with the chapter-by-chapter idea would probably mean the death of the project.

However, do read the posts that I’ve already done to have an in-depth introduction to Jacoby’s take on the dumbing down of the United States, and I hope to provide you soon with a solid take on what Jacoby has to say in the rest of her book.

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