Today in France: Olympique Lyonnais wins 7th consecutive French soccer championships title

Lyon’s soccer team, the Olympique Lyonnais (OL) has just won their 7th consecutive French championship soccer title, beating The AJ of Auxerre 3 goals to 1, while the Girodins of Bordeaux secured the second place finish, playing to a draw, 2-2, against Lens. Marsielle was third, beating Strasbourg 4 to 3.

It was a long battle this year for Lyon, the championship playing out to this very last day. A tip of the hat to the Bordeaux team who managed to keep the pressure on Lyon for the entire season, something that no other team has done for several years now.

But especially a huge “ALLEZ OL!!!” from Wandering electrons!

Woohoo! C’est la fête à Lyon !

Further reading:

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In French:
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