Adding social bookmarks to your posts

The web, and blogs in particular, are all about sharing. Social bookmarking and networking sites are all about putting a human touch on the gargantuan sea of information and opinion available on the web. You’ve certainly already heard of Digg, and Facebook, but the list doesn’t stop there.

One way to increase visits to your blog is to make it easy for people to use their preferred social bookmarking and networking sites to share what they found there with others (i.e. your blog posts).

So how do you do this? Well, you have to insert a good amount of html code in the blog post that you want to promote. It’s a pretty daunting and time-consuming task… unless of course there’s someone out there who maybe has made it easy to do…

Well by golly, there is! Here’s all you need to know at this blog post entitled: “social bookmarking links” at the running through rain blog.

You’ll download a simple word template, a bit of “find and replace” then a bit of “copy and paste” and hey! you’ve got a great presentation of the major social bookmarking and networking sites in your blog posts. It looks like this:

add to : Add to Blinkslist : add to furl : Digg it : add to ma.gnolia : Stumble It! : add to simpy : seed the vine : : : TailRank : post to facebook

As Running through rain advises, there is probably no need to add these shortcuts to every post you put up but it’s a good thing for those that you consider relatively important.

A big thanks from Wandering electrons, who quite enjoy running through rain!

3 Responses to “Adding social bookmarks to your posts”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    Glad you find it useful. I really have to get a faster computer so I can get back to updating that blog. I’ve got too many.

  2. Hillel Says:

    Also, you can try GetSocial: It’s an automated tool made especially for that puts beautiful and designed Social Bookmarking buttons on your blog posts. It’s fast, totally free and extremely easy to use!

    Here’s where to get it (and read more about it):

    Hillel 🙂

  3. Wandering electrons Says:

    Good work Hillel! I even wrote a specific blog post; check it out here

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