Vulgarizing the “top 5” most promising new cancer treatments

In my work I’m sometimes called upon to vulgarize medical information. It’s an exercise that isn’t as easy as it seems; having the ability to knock down medical complexity to something even grandma can understand demands not only a good control of medical knowledge, but a good command of common English also.

I was taking a look at this article, “Top 5 Viable New Cancer Treatments” at and just loved how the author, Aaron Rowe, explained the foray of vaccines into the treatment of cancer:

“In some instances, the scientists take whole cells from a tumor, kill them, and then douse them with molecules that are known to anger the immune system before injecting them back into a patient.”

I found that the idea of molecules “angering” the immune system is really a great way of expressing the concept of immune system stimulation in a simple way; it’s an excellent “image” for those who are not familiar with the immune system.

Bravo from Wandering electrons to Aaron. Keep up the good work!

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