Is Barack Obama an American Ségolène Royal?

I of course am following closely the American primaries from my abode hear in France. For the moment it is obviously the Democrat’s primary that is getting all the attention, the Republican side already being pretty much tied up.

So Hilary vs. John or Barack vs. John? Stay tuned.

The French presidential elections were in 2007, and I can’t help but see similarities between the presidential bid of Ségolène Royal, the candidate of the center-left Socialist Party (which was lost to the center right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy) and that of Barack Obama.

Apparently I’m not the only one…

I found via the French journal Courrier International this commentary in the Christian Science Monitor entitled “Obama’s biggest obstacle” by Pepper D. Culpepper.

I’ll let you read this article that I highly recommend, especially to Obama supporters.

Indeed, Obama has the unique gift of discourse; listening to his speeches is a heart-lifting experience, but, if it should end up being Barack vs. John, he’s going to need to put forward clearly and exactly what he plans to do in the Oval Office.

In my opinion Sarkozy beat Royal because he laid out in very simple and concrete terms what he intended to do if he were elected. Royal on the other hand, gave out lots of pretty words but very little clear information on what her plans were. To make matters even worse, she managed to worsen a pre-existing division within the Socialist party. In the end, these things cost her the French Presidency.

Should Mr. Obama be the choice of the Democrats, I hope he will learn from Mme. Royal’s mistakes.

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