Journal of Clinical Investigation: Molecular Mechanisms of Stress

The Journal of Clinical Investigation has long been one of my preferred medical journals. They were, and remain a pioneer in the philosophy of free access to cutting edge medical research and information.

At regular intervals they publish their Review Series, which plunge into timely and pertinent subjects in medicine, and search to provide a synthesis of the current research.

This month they’ve published a Review Series entitled “Molecular Mechanisms of Stress“. The articles explore the molecular processes involved in homeostasis disruption in several physiological systems.

I haven’t read all the articles yet, but I was quite impressed by Gregory M. Barton’s contribution, “A calculated response: control of inflammation by the innate immune system“. Barton explores molecular aspects of how the innate immune system’s inflammatory response reacts to stress in the form of infection, but also in the form of sterile tissue damage. The inflammation produced by these two types of aggression share certain characteristics, molecular receptors and signal transduction pathways. Barton looks at what we know, and don’t know, about the innate immune system’s ability to differentiate these aggressions.

Now, the JCI is targeted at a learned audience of medical and research professionals. However, if you have a relatively good grasp on medical biology basics, and are willing to put your thinking cap on nice and tight, the Review Series will be within your ability and it’s always very interesting reading.

Give it a try; after all it’s free!

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