Stem cells used to create a new jaw bone

The promising field of patient-derived stem cell based tissue replacement got a boost over the weekend with a Finnish team reporting that they had succeeded in using a patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells to create a bone graft to replace his upper jaw bone, which had been lost when a benign tumor was removed in earlier surgery. The team spokesperson, Riitta Suuronen said they had submitted a report on the process to a medical journal for review.

In the meantime you can consult the Reuters article here.

This is pretty impressive stuff and should be especially important for the validation of using a patient’s own stem cells as a source for new specialized tissue. However, this is basically a press-release, so let’s wait for a peer-reviewed article before going too in-depth on the potential importance of this success.

Nevertheless, bravo to the Regea Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Helsinki University Central Hospital, who worked together on this project. And especially a best wishes for a speedy recovery to the patient in question from Wandering electrons!

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