100 words for Sci-Fi buffs

I was a pretty big fan of the original Star Trek, and a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Add to that the fact that I saw the original Star Wars (that’d be “episode 4”) seven times in the movie theater when I was a kid and you’ll understand why I was happy to stumble upon these two sister articles at Tech republic:

75 words every sci-fi fan should know

25 more words every sci-fi fan should know

It’s clear that some words (Bernal sphere, Tesseract) are more interesting than others (Fanspeak (yeah, we knew that already)). But if you spend a little bit of time with these lists it’s sure that you’ll learn a thing or two (or three or four) on current science theory, especially concerning space and time.

A good reminder on how science fiction is often quite simply imagining how current theories and their applications may look someday.

Do you remember the original Star Trek’s communicators?

Now take a close look at your cell phone.

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